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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

20 Spectacular Houses Featuring Green Roofs

Green roofs, often referred to as living roofs, are the roofs that are either partially or completely covered with vegetation planted over a waterproofing membrane. There are several advantages both of environmental and financial matter that come with having a green roof.They serve several purposes such as absorbing rainwater, providing insulation as well as lowering the air temperature.
There are lots of inspiring projects featuring buildings that have green roofs and we have selected a few that might raise your interest in the matter.

1. The OUTrial House in Poland.

The first project that caught our eye is this contemporary residence located in Ksiazenice, Poland. It’s called the OUTrial house and was a project by Katowice-based studio KWK Promes. The construction of the house was completed in 2007 and the whole residence ended up measuring 1,937 square feet. The location is very beautiful. Before starting the project, this place was a splendid clearing surrounded by forest.
The main idea behind this project was to create a contemporary residence with a design that would allow the client to fully enjoy the surrounding panoramas and the beautiful environment. The client also wanted the house to somehow become a part of the landscape and to establish some sort of connection with the surrounding environment. The architect tried to achieve that by opting for a green roof. As for the structure and layout of the house, the client’s request for a recording studio and conservatory played an important role.
An atrium was created that has become a part of both the indoor and outdoor areas. It’s a quiet space, partially independent from the rest of the building but only accessible through the interior of the house.

2. The Meera House in Singapore.

The Meera House is another imposing residence that could easily be considered a dream home. It’s located on the island of Sentosa adjacent to Singapore and it was designed and built by Guz Architects. Situated on a new housing estate, the residence is surrounded by several other buildings. The structures are built closely together and they form a new and inspiring community.
Since the plots are not large and the houses are built close to the sides of the neighboring properties, the architects decided to take this aspect into consideration when designing the Meera House. It’s why their strategy was to build a solid wall on each side of the property in order to provide privacy when possible. Another important detail that should be mentioned is the fact that each level is covered by a green roof.
This way, the upper spaces have access to the green terrace and provide splendid views. The main idea was to allow each roof garden to provide a base for the storey above. This way a layered structure was created. Each level is delimitated from the rest. The result is the feeling that you’re sitting in a single-storey structure with a beautiful garden outside.

3. The Stone House in Vietnam.

Located in Dong Trieu, Quang Ninh Province, Vietnam, this residence impresses with its unusual design and shape. The house was a project developed by Vietnamese architectural firm Vo Trong Nghia and has been recently completed. However, the design of the structure makes it seem a lot older. Located in a quiet residential area, this dramatic building stands out with its torus-shaped structure.
But it’s not just the shape that makes this house unique. The Stone House, as it was very well named, features a rising green roof and walls built of dark blue stone. These carefully thought design details allow the house to seamlessly integrate into the natural landscape. Moreover, the green roof makes it seem like a natural part of the environment.
Internally, the rooms have been organized around an oval courtyard. All the areas in the house are interconnected and the circulation also continues to the green roof. The roof is actually a garden that basically connects all the rooms. It’s also an element that establishes a strong indoor-outdoor connection. The huge oval wall has been built using cubic stone and it plays an important role in the filtering of all the natural light that enters the property. It also gives the house a somewhat primitive look, even though it’s actually a modern residence.

4. The House in Caledon.

The House in Caledon was a unique project developed by Toronto-based studio Ian MacDonald Architect. The residence is located in the Regional Municipality of Peel in the Greater Toronto Area of Ontario, Canada. It sits on a 90-acre property defined by beautiful panoramic views. The house was designed for a family of four and the circumstances were quite interesting.
The agricultural property featured an existing barn and a stone farmhouse that provided an unusual setting for the new building. Despite the strong rural atmosphere and environment, the architects tried to incorporate everything into a modern design. The barn and the farmhouse have been left intact and they are separated from the newly built house.
When designing this residence, several aspects have been taken into consideration. For example, the landscape and agricultural history had to be respected and made a part of the concept. So in order to make the house better integrate into the surroundings, it has been partially hidden underground and covered with a green roof. This way it doesn’t stand out as much and the focus shifts towards the landscape and all the historical beauty surrounding the house. The roof features the same type of vegetation as the meadow and this way it easily connects with the landscape.

5. The 2 Bar House in California.

Located in Menlo Park, a city in the San Francisco Bay Area of California, the 2 Bar House is a modern residence with a very interesting design. It’s not the actual shape or appearance of the house that impresses the most but the techniques and concepts used when designing it. The house was a project by San Francisco-based studio Feldman Architecture and it was completed in September 2010.
It’s a two-story contemporary home that measures 2,120 square feet and that was built with a very cost-conscious design. The architects also tried to incorporate green materials and technologies into the design in order to create the perfect home for the clients and their two young children. Originally, the site was occupied by a different structure. But that was an old house with an inefficient design that didn’t really respond to the clients’ needs.
It was replaced with a new and modern structure that features an open design that perfectly responds to the indoor/outdoor lifestyle of the clients. It’s called the 2 Bar House because of its internal structure. There’s a bedroom bar placed perpendicularly above a living bar and this way two separate areas or volumes are created. The lower level has sliding doors that can be opened to let in natural light and it also has a green roof with a deck.

6. The North Bay Residence on San Juan Island.

The North Bay Residence is a contemporary home that was completed in 2009 and that measures 2,800 square feet. Located on San Juan Island, Washington state, USA, the house benefits from amazing views. It sits on a very beautiful but also somewhat restricted site that overlooks the Griffin Bay and that provides spectacular views of the surrounding landscape.
Finding the right spot to build the house turned out to be a challenge. The perfect spot for the house was already occupied by three majestic trees. They were beautiful so chopping them down was not something the clients were willing to do without exploring other options. The architects that designed the house came up with a solution.They considered the trees to be an important part of the site’s and the house’s history and charm so they decided to preserve them.
They managed to squeeze the house in the free space that was available. But there was another problem that needed their attention. Since the house was now close to the road, visual and acoustic privacy needed to be established. A stone wall was built and it has become the barrier between the public and private areas. For the roof, the architects chose a green version with drought-resistant plants.

7. The Malbaie V residence in Quebec.

The Malbaie V “Le Phare” project was developed by Malbaie V “Le Phare” project and resulted in the construction of a stunning contemporary home in the region of Cap-à-l’Aigle in central Charlevoix, Quebec, Canada. Completed in November 2010, the house measures 2,400 square feet. It’s a stunning two-story residence with a simple but dynamic design.
The house is structured in several geometrical volumes that interfere with one another. The house itself appears to rise out of the ground and this allows it to establish a strong connection with the outdoors. Another element that contributes to this fact is the green roof and the use of natural materials throughout that allow the residence to blend in and to become a part of the landscape.
The residence is covered with a green roof that also serves as an insulating layer. The ground level is a continuous open plan that contains the main living areas and public spaces. It also integrates four bedrooms and two full bathrooms that were arranged lineary. The exterior as well as portions of the interior are covered in wood panels and strong contrasts are created between the different types of materials used throughout. Nevertheless, these materials also help the residence harmoniously integrate into the surroundings.

8. Villa Ronde on the Japanese Coast.

Villa Ronde is a unique structure for several reasons. But first let’s learn a few general information about it. It was designed and built by Franco-Japanese architectural firm Ciel Rouge and it’s a luxury residence situated on the Japanese coast. It has a stunning and unique design and it includes a private museum, a guest house and a resort.
As its name suggests, Villa Ronde is a round structure and it’s organized around a central courtyard. Its design is not purely decorative as it also helps protect the building from the strong winds by deflecting them. Also, it’s a detail that helps with the natural ventilation on the interior. The main concept behind the design of this impressive structure was to create an organic space. The rooms can either be closed for privacy or they can form a continuous space around the patio.
The building is hidden behind coastal vegetation. It has the same color as the rock and its green roof further camouflages it by helping it seamlessly integrate into the landscape. Inside all the rooms are connected to each other and they create a large gallery. The windows are oval and create focal points while the rest of the space is kept private.

9. The Black Beauty Mariposa Villa in Costa Rica.

The Black Beauty Mariposa Villa is a vacation located in the Black Beauty Village of Ostional from where it also got its name. The village is located in the province of Guanacaste, Costa Rica. The house measures a total of 4,424 square feet and it features three bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms. It’s a very beautiful contemporary structure and it was designed and built by Kalia.
The location of this vacation home is amazing. It offers views of both the Pacific Ocean and the beautiful mountains and the combination is breathtaking. The house can be rented all year round. In terms of architecture, it’s a simple structure with minimalist details and has a design based on functionality. The interior reveals a luxurious eco-design.
The house has two levels and it’s structured into volumes. It’s entirely covered with a beautiful green roof. The property also has a splendid exterior garden and there’s a glass bridge-like structure that separated the living and entertainment areas from the private spaces. The master bedroom can be accessed through a corridor and it’s situated above the family room and the guest suites. The bedrooms all share amazing and panoramic views.

10. The McLeod residence in Vermont.


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