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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

28 Gadjet Yang Awesome Yang Belom Pernah Kita Jumpa

Give ‘em the stuff they had no idea they even needed.

1. Scissor + Tape in One, $4

Scissor + Tape in One, $4
Give a pair to the best gift wrapper you know. Available here.

2. The Cutest Little iPhone Stand Ever, $5

The Cutest Little iPhone Stand Ever, $5
Because who doesn’t want to anthropomorphize their gadgets? Get it here.

3. Fizzini, the Hand-Held Water Carbonator, $60

Less cumbersome than a Sodastream. Get it here.

4. The iPad Lap Desk, $14

Looks like Sunday morning to me. Get it here.

5. Henri Bendel Bluetooth Roll Up Keyboard, $58

The skinny roll-able silhouette is Bluetooth® enabled and it evokes luxury, not dorky. Get it here.

6. The iFlask, $30

The iFlask, $30
It’s a flask disguised as a phone, and it even has a bottle opener built in (hence the practicality). Get it here.

7. USB Mini-Fridge, $33

USB Mini-Fridge, $33
Just enough space to keep a can of soda cold. Get it here.

8. Swiss Army Knife iPhone Case, $100

Get it here.

9. The Herb Chop Block, $25

The Herb Chop Block, $25
It’s space-saving! Get it here.

10. Set of 2 Ceramic Soup and Cracker Mugs, $15

Salsa and chips. Cookies and milk. The possibilities are endless. Get ‘em here.

11. The Ice Jacket, $35

The Ice Jacket, $35
For a person who loves their booze, it keeps it extra chilled. Get it here.

12. The Toothbrush Organizer, $25

The Toothbrush Organizer, $25
For the germaphobe in your life. Get it here.

13. Pot Clips, $4

A cute way to keep dirty spoons off the counter. Get them here.

14. iPhone Case with Earbuds Holder, $35

iPhone Case with Earbuds Holder, $35
Because they always end up in a tangled wad. Get it here.

15. Elastic Lacing System, $20

Not only do they never come untied, but they’re stretchy enough to turn any shoes into slip-ons, yet stiff enough to keep your shoes secure. Get them here.

16. The Hedgehog Serving Dish, $25

The Hedgehog Serving Dish, $25
Get it here.

17. The Balcony BBQ, $98

The Balcony BBQ, $98
You know who’s house you’ll be hanging out at this summer. Get it here.

18. Whiteboard Notebook, $29

Whiteboard Notebook, $29

19. The Tea-Strainer Cup, $25

For any tea connoisseur who also appreciates ingenious design. Get it here.

20. Hand-Crank Flashlight, $32

Hand-Crank Flashlight, $32
Small enough to keep in a bedside drawer for emergencies, this thing gives you three minutes of light for each minute you spend cranking it. Get it here.

21. Socrates Everlasting Socks, £20

Socrates Everlasting Socks, £20
Take the loathsome act of sock-gifting to the next level with these socks that WILL NEVER GET A HOLE in them. Available here.

22. The All-in-One Bartender Tool, $39

This little tool will turn anyone into the life of the party. Get it here.

23. Magic Stainless Steel Soap, $8.49

Magic Stainless Steel Soap, $8.49
For the cook in your life. This cool ball of stainless steel removes garlic and onion smell from hands. It also lasts forever! Get it here.

24. Sticky-Note Desk Calendar, $10

It’s a pad of paper that doubles as a keyboard wrist pad, and you can stick it anywhere you’d like as a reminder or agenda planner. Get ithere.

25. The Chop n’ Clear Cutting Board, $20

The Chop n' Clear Cutting Board, $20
Get it here.

26. Nibble Cake Pan, $20

So the cook can get a little taste without ruining the whole cake. Get it here.

27. Wraparound Wallet, $60

This pretty leather wallet has a third layer that works to keep everything secure while also conveniently holding an iPhone. Get it here.

28. Car Swivel Tray, $12

For that friend who can’t stop, won’t stop eating fast food in their car. Get it here.


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