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Monday, July 14, 2014

Sport Photography

Sport photography is a field which basically counts on one important thing “focusing”, it doesn’t matter what kind of camera you have, old or new, expensive or cheap, it’s all about focusing, concentrating on the right timing to shoot a professional photo.

Here are a few tips which helps you to produce a professional sport photoshoot:

First of all, focus on what kind of game you’re shooting, then imagine and create. If you feel like you can’t really imagine and create as you’ve expected you’d do, then try surfing sport website or checking out sport magazines, and watch the other’s sport photographs, watch not to copy, but to learn, concentrate in what vision others has to which lead them to create such photos.

If that is your new field of work, then try to exercise through capturing photos of any random game you attend, it’s okay to waste as many pictures as could be just in order to truly learn.

Focusing on the kind of sport you’re about to shoot is the first very important tip you should put in mind before you get to shoot it, try attending a game of that sport you’re going to shoot a few days before shooting it, focus, focus and focus in every little detail in that game.

This means if you’re attending horses sports, focus in the scene of the horses and riders are standing in their boxes waiting for a the gunshot to start the race, that’s a good photo, focus in the scenes of the horses jumping over bridges and how the horse gather power and how the rider focuses when to push their horse.

If it’s a tennis sport, then focus on the fast moves the player do with their leg and the fast hit they do with their racket, and try to slow these moves in your mind, you’ll find a few wonderful photos, focus on the emotional expressions and anger moves players often do when they lose a point.

The same is for football sport; focus on the players when they try to steal the ball from each others, or when they score…etc.
Emotional expressions during games are so important and attractive for viewers to watch, don’t waste them or consider them useless.

Some professional sport photographers participate in the sports they photograph before photographing them, in order to understand much better how players feel and when they feels pain, focus, enthusiastic…etc, this enables them to capture the right photos in the right timing and expect the interesting and attractive moves and shoot it in the second it happens.

Capture close-up photos which get you more into detail, it’s not a rule to photograph sports with long telephoto lenses you can get same result through wide-angle lenses, these kinds of lenses enables you from capturing accurate detailed and crystal clear photos with a blurry background which brings your wanted object into focus and emerges its little details, such as face expressions, muscles, moves…etc, just try to be as close as you can be while shooting, and don’t forget to focus in other camera’s features such as aperture, shutter speed and continuous shooting mode, which enables you to capture each and every magical moment without a dot of blurriness.


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