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Monday, July 14, 2014

How to Learn Photography

Everyone loves to own a special camera to photograph the special moments that runs into their lives, but while buying a camera you should learn how to use it, and that would take a lifetime to learn about cameras and its features, lenses and accessories, and what you should firstly do is to learn how to take a photo, it's the right start even before you learn Photoshop, because learning photography will save all time and effort you would lose in other ways, you’d also lose money in buying cameras when you are lost in ignorance of what you really need of your camera.

So to cope with today’s technologies of cameras and computer programs, you need to understand what you are trying to do with them, because it doesn’t matter buying cameras and photo editing programs as much as learning how to take photos in the first place and how to pay heed to techniques not the tools.

Today, you won’t need to learn how to use your camera, because it isn’t complicated like before, old manual cameras were so sophisticated than today’s digital compact ones, today’s cameras automatically do all the work with just by pushing a button or tapping/swiping with your fingertips.

Focusing on the scene or subject you want to shoot will help you a lot through determining what you want of them, and today’s automatic cameras will help to get what you need of the picture you want to shoot, just detect your shooting style to get more accurate pictures

As for a professional photographer,  they can shoot accurate dramatic photos using any tool of their camera reaching the results they aim for, even they used inconvenient tools as it may seems to you, but the picture in the end comes out the way they just aimed for because they usually shoot with their mind and vision.

 It’s not only all about tools, but also about how your eyes sees the view you want to capture, so in the end, it doesn’t matter for photographers what camera they are using, as much as what matters is their mind focus to reach their goal, they naturally let their vision take control of the camera.

There’s a study proved that women are better than men in photography, and that’s because men doesn’t worry about how their pictures will end like as women, instead, they keep exploring cameras and the latest of it and spend their lifetime talking about the cameras technologies and that leads them nowhere to improve their photography, but women’s nature of curiosity leads them to better advanced photography.

Don’t hesitate in asking for help when you need it, and discover the techs that supports your camera not for fun, but only to achieve success in photographing experience, keep following your instinct and consider the camera you have as just a mediate between you and photography, if you got stuck in the way of your photography experience, don’t think of another new camera to help you through this, but think of another way to continue your tries for your success.

source : 1mpics


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