Syed Abdul Rahman (Tokku Paloh)

Penasihat utama Sultan Zainal Abidin III semarakkan semangat jihad Datuk Bahaman, Tok Gajah, Mat Kilau tentang penjajah British di Pahang. ULAMA Besar Terengganu pada abad ke-19, Sayyid Abdul Rahman Al-Idrus atau Tokku Paloh Idrus, turut dikenali sebagai wali Allah yang penuh keramat serta sangat ditakuti penjajah.

Tingkatkan Pendapatan Melalui Nuffnang

Pendapatan melalui nuffnang memang berbaloi kerana pelbagai kempen iklan ditawarkan nuffnang agak lumayan serta dapat menjana pendapatan sampingan melalui blog.Berikut beberapa tips untuk cara anda memaksimumkan pendapatan anda bersama nuffnang.

Download : Drama Korea - Dream High

Download : Drama Korea - Dream High

Bongkar! : Kisah Berliku PengIslaman Bintang Chelsea Nicolas Anelka (Abdul Salam Bilal Anelka)

Bagi peminat bola sepak dunia, terutama penyokong kelab Chelsea, tentu tidak asing lagi dengan nama Nicolas Anelka. Anelka adalah salah seorang penyerang yang berbahaya apabila berada di depan gawang lawan.

Mengapa Yahudi Menggali Di Bawah Masjid Al-Aqsa?

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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

13 Keping Gambar Kahwin Hantaran Shaheizy Sam & Syatilla Melvin 8 Februari 2016

Gambar kahwin atau nikah Shaheizy Sam dan Syatilla Melvin 8 Februari 2016. Perkahwinan Shaheizy Sam dan Syatilla telah berlangsung di Jawi Golf Resort, Pulau Pinang. Tahniah diucapkan kepada Shaheizy Sam kerana telah bergelar suami kepada Syatilla dengan hanya sekali lafaz tepat pada jam 9.00 malam isnin. Syatilla Melvin turut menerima mas kahwin berjumlah RM10,082 dan 7 dulang hantaran berbalas 7. 

Sebagai maklumat tambahan, perkahwinan pasangan ini telah menerima tajaan keseluruhan bernilai RM25 Juta. Untuk info, pasangan ini telah berkenalan atau bersahabat sejak 6 tahun lalu dan kini diakhiri ke jinjang pelamin. Majlis resepsi bagi sebelah pihak perempuan akan diadakan pada 9 Februari 2016 manakala sebelah pihak lelaki pada 14 Februari 2016 bertempat di Hotel Mandarin Oriental, Kuala Lumpur.


Gambar Nikah Shaheizy Sam Dan Syatilla Melvin 8 Februari 2016
Perkahwinan atau majlis akad nikah Shaheizy Sam dan Syatilla Melvin telah berlangsung bermula pada jam 8.30 malam bertempat di Jawi Golf Resort. Tahniah sekali lagi diucapkan kepada Shaheizy Sam kerana telah sah menjadi suami kepada Syatilla Melvin dengan hanya sekali lafaz pada tepat jam 9.00 malam Isnin.

shaheizy nikah 2
syatilla melvin
hantaran 1

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Wow! Step Inside Rupert Murdoch’s Luxurious $84 Million Private Jet

At $84 million it’s the epitome of luxury air travel, and according to The AFR media mogul Rupert Murdoch is the latest name on the exclusive list of G650 owners, along with Carlyle Group founder David Rubenstein, Multiplex heir Tim Roberts and The Dow Chemical Company CEO Andrew Liveris.
The G650 can climb to 41,000 feet in just 22 minutes, and reach a cruise speed of 956km/h.
In 2013, the G650 set a world record for the fastest certified civilian aircraft to circle the globe, completing a lap in just 41 hours, 7 minutes.
According to The AFR Murdoch’s newest toy left the manufacturing hangar in Georgia on May 15. If the three-year waiting list is anything to go by that means he had to order it back in 2012.
Here’s a look at the G650 in all its glory.

The G650 is the largest purpose-built private jet on the market, and has the tallest, longest, and widest cabin in its class.


The aircraft has two Rolls-Royce engines, external cameras, infrared imaging systems and windows in the cockpit big enough to allow the pilots to see the tips of the plane’s wings, helpful for navigating on the ground.


For $84 million, you get more than a well-equipped cockpit. The G650’s cabin is totally luxurious.

AD-Step-Inside-Rupert-Murdoch's-Luxurious-$84-Million-Private-Jet-03Gulfstream Aerospace

There’s room on board for eight passengers and a crew of four. There’s even a separate compartment so a crew member can give passengers privacy and still be comfortable.

AD-Step-Inside-Rupert-Murdoch's-Luxurious-$84-Million-Private-Jet-04Gulfstream Aerospace

Buyers choose from 12 different floor plans, and can customise the look of their plane.

AD-Step-Inside-Rupert-Murdoch's-Luxurious-$84-Million-Private-Jet-05Gulfstream Aerospace

Naturally, there are several big television screens and an iPhone app can be used to control the screens, as well as things like lighting and opening the shades.

AD-Step-Inside-Rupert-Murdoch's-Luxurious-$84-Million-Private-Jet-06Gulfstream Aerospace

The seats can swivel, have foot rests and lie flat for those who want a good night’s sleep.

AD-Step-Inside-Rupert-Murdoch's-Luxurious-$84-Million-Private-Jet-07Gulfstream Aerospace

The galley is equipped with a water sterilisation system, as well as china, crystal, and flatware for meals.

AD-Step-Inside-Rupert-Murdoch's-Luxurious-$84-Million-Private-Jet-08Gulfstream Aerospace

And the bathroom looks nicer than what you find in many city apartments.

AD-Step-Inside-Rupert-Murdoch's-Luxurious-$84-Million-Private-Jet-09Gulfstream Aerospace

On top of the luxury amenities, the G650’s cabin can be pressurised to 3,000 to 4,000 feet, rather than 8,000, like commercial jets. This makes the flying experience less tiring and even more comfortable.

AD-Step-Inside-Rupert-Murdoch's-Luxurious-$84-Million-Private-Jet-10Gulfstream Aerospace

The 30 Coolest Gadgets Of 2016!

With each year that goes by, gadgets and technology seem to get cooler and cooler. Heart rate monitors have transformed into all-purpose fitness and activity trackers, drones are getting more instinctive by the day, and refrigerators can now actually do the job of making your grocery list for you.
It’s a strange and wonderful world we live in, and the International CES 2016 Gadget Showcase proves that it’s about to get even better. These 30 gadgets will hopefully be accessible on the market as soon as possible — #27 is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. (H/T: The Telegraph)

01. That’s right: The International CES 2016 Gadget Showcase has started, an event intended to show off the greatest new inventions the tech world has to offer.


02. For starters, there’s this passenger drone, a helicopter that can travel up to 10 miles before folding itself into a regular parking spot.


03. Self-driving cars were pretty big this year, like this one from Mercedes.


04. Then there’s Ziro, a motion-controlled glove that connects to a wheeled robot — meaning you can control the little guy with the wave of your hand.


05. LG showed off their new paper-thin OLED display, which is flexible and can role up like newspaper.


06. Then there’s the Ninebot Segway, an adorable part-robot, part-Segway that can obey commands and record video.


07. Fridges are getting smarter and smarter: This one from LG has a panel that shows what’s inside, and the door automatically opens when you stand near it.


08. This one from Samsung has a built-in grocery store that allows users to order items as soon as they run out.


09. This 26.5-inch Blink-Board is controlled by a smartphone and can go up to 15 mph — move over, Hoverboard.


10. Fitbit has unveiled the Fitbit Blaze, which is the company’s take on the Apple Watch.


11. The OMbra, created by Canadian company OMSignal, contains biometric trackers. The sensors in the bra detect distance traveled and exertion, to better help women understand their bodies while they work out.


12. The $109 Sensorwake ‘olfactory’ alarm clock releases scents of ocean, jungle, croissant, coffee, chocolate or peppermint to wake you up — for those of us who aren’t quite stirred by a ringing bell.


13. This is the second generation of the HTC Vive, a Taiwanese virtual reality headset.


14. SCiO can instantly analyze your food to see how many calories it has, and its nutritional value — dieting will never be the same.

AD-The-Coolest-Gadgets-Of-2016-14Consumer Physics

15. Faraday Future, a Chinese-backed electric car company, unveiled a 1,000-horsepower FFZero1 that actually incorporates your smartphone into the steering wheel.


16. Sphero’s BB-8 robot with an accompanying wristband is sure to be a hit: The wristband lets you control all of BB-8’s moves like the Jedi that you are.

AD-The-Coolest-Gadgets-Of-2016-16Getty Images

17. Parrot’s Disco is a drone with a fixed wing design that can actually fly for 45 minutes.


18. Nvidia’s Drive PX2 is a supercomputer built for driverless cars, the next step on the quest for fully-automated driving.


19. The Oura is a wearable ring designed to track sleep, measuring your activity during the day and the quality of your sleep.


20. Technogym’s running music technology uses the pace of your run to choose songs from your phone during your run.


21. This smart thermometer uses 16 sensors to rapidly take thousands of measurements when gauging someone’s temperature.


22. Wowee’s ‘Chip K9’ wants to bring robot dogs in a big way. It chases a ball, follows users around, and even charges itself.


23. This is actually a “smart” children’s spoon, used to encourage children to eat their veggies.

AD-The-Coolest-Gadgets-Of-2016-23Getty Images

24. This Digitsole footwear connects to a smartphone app for automatic shoe tightening, calorie tracking and foot heating. It also adjusts depending on your weight for shock absorption.


25. The PitPat clips onto your dog’s collar and relays information from their daily activity straight to your smartphone — it’s basically like a FitBit, only for your dog.


26. Phase One has created the XF 100MP camera, which shoots insanely detailed images. It comes at a cost, though: $48,990 to be exact.


27. MyCaptR, a 3D-scanning start-up, can use an iPad app to draw a 3D picture of a room in three minutes, forever changing how people design and remodel their homes.


28. This drone from ONAGOfly has already raised 1.1 million on IndieGogo. The awesome part about this one is that it automatically follows its owner, wherever he/she goes.


29. This high-tech wearable fitness bracelet, the Mio Slice, counts daily steps and measures minimum and maximum heart rate, to give you a fuller picture of your physical fitness levels.


30. Samsung’s latest smart fridge, the Family Hub Refrigerator, features a giant inbuilt touchscreen and suspected voice control capabilities, presumably for checking when its contents expire and potentially ordering in new supplies.


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